Sugar Bugz, They Live On Your Teeth Book

Children's Book to Encourage Brushing Teeth!

Welcome to the Sugar Bugz Book Website!

These funny and mischievous critters may be out to cause trouble but they help kids learn how to take care of their teeth. Brushing teeth will be easy!

Each book comes with a free sheet of Sugar Bugz stickers!

       The book is designed to truly help families with dental care- and we’re sure you will find it to be a family favorite!  

The 'Sugar Bugz, They Live On Your Teeth' book inspires children to take care of their teeth in a delightful and upbeat way. The book centers on the silly and mischievous Bugz while effectively encouraging good dental habits.

Kids will want to read the book over and over again and to get those Sugar Bugz off their teeth every day! The biggest challenge is getting kids to brush long enough and to actually get their teeth clean. Stacy did research and interviewed Dentists to be sure and include the most important and effective dental practices.

This colorful and FUN book is just what families need to create good dental habits! 

It really works!!


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ISBN  978-0-615-46490-9