Sugar Bugz, They Live On Your Teeth Book

Children's Book to Encourage Brushing Teeth!

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Stacy is proud to be the Author of the children's book, 'Sugar Bugz, They Live On Your Teeth'. The book inspires children to take care of their teeth in a delightful and upbeat way.

The colorful and fun book centers on the silly and mischievous Bugz(s) while effectively encouraging good dental habits.

Stacy enjoys partnering with the dental community, schools and organizations by helping them in their oral health education efforts. She is always thrilled to, not only read the Sugar Bugz book to children, but to help provide inspiration and guidance to Schools & Dental Health Professionals.

Stacy has collaborated with First 5 in Butte County CA, for example. The Sugar Bugz book has become a part of their dental health collaborative. In being a guest speaker to their Commission, Stacy has provided guidance on key learning points that have been effective when reading the book to hundreds of children. The book is now being used for many outreach programs in Butte County.

Another passion of Stacy’s is to encourage and empower children in their life’s journey. No matter what is in a child’s past, their path forward needs to be brightened. Stacy LOVES being part of holding a light for them to see their potential.

Stacy attributes her ability to engage & connect with people to her sincere respect and love of those she crosses paths with every day. "Each time I meet someone, I will silently wish them happiness, joy and laughter" Deepak Chopra.

Regarding the ‘Sugar Bugz, They Live On Your Teeth book’, we consistently get feedback that Kids want to read the book over and over again AND they want to get those Sugar Bugz off their teeth every day!

Stacy did research with Dental Hygienists & Dentists to be sure to include the most important and effective dental practices. "Brush up and down, back and forth, in a circle, and do it again"! That page is a favorite when Stacy read's to kids because they end up singing the words and she has them pretend to be brushing this way! Invaluable!!

When Stacy walks away from a reading with children, she has accomplished her biggest goal if she has EMPOWERED THE KIDS TO CHOOSE TO TAKE CARE OF THEIR TEETH.

Isn't it true, that when children take responsibility for caring for themselves …. their self-love, self-respect and sense of accomplishment grow beyond words?!


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Sugar Bugz book now available for E Book!!!

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Big Announcement!!

Our AMAZING book "Sugar Bugz, They Live On Your Teeth", is now available for Amazon Kindle e-books!

During this initial promotional time, the Sugar Bugz book is available for Kindle Unlimited (KU) AND the Kindle Owners' Lending Library (KOLL)!!

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What makes the Sugar Bugz Book Team proud?

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What makes the 'Sugar Bugz' Book Team proud?

The number one thing that makes us so proud and happy is when we hear that our book has helped children and families with better brushing, flossing and nutritional habits!

We will often hear that after reading the 'Sugar Bugz, They Live On Your Teeth' book, children will WILLINGLY brush their teeth AND they will accept assistance from caregivers. This is such GREAT news!!

The Author, Stacy Piper, wanted to publish this book because making sure her children would brush, rinse and floss was so important and she knew her and her husband needed to be able to help finish the job. Kids do their best and we are so proud of them. But sometimes they need parents and caregivers to get into their mouths and get to places that might have gotten missed. We are told, time and time again, that the 'Sugar Bugz' Book specifically helps with these challenges.

The bright pictures and simple text really get the kid's attention.  The first portion of the book focuses on how the 'Sugar Bugz' get into our mouths and the damage they can do. They REALLY DO move in and multiply if not brushed off!

There is a transition page regarding eating healthier foods like Apples. This is a great page for educators to emphasis what we eat makes a big impact on our dental health.

The remainder of the book centers on how to get the 'Sugar Bugz' out of your mouth each day!  The book successfully covers each of the important dental hygiene points like brushing, flossing, rinsing, and going to the dentist. "Floss between those pearly white teeth, because those bugs are way down deep".

We consistently get feedback that kids want to read the book over and over again AND they want to get those 'Sugar Bugz' off their teeth EVERY DAY!