Sugar Bugz, They Live On Your Teeth Book

Children's Book to Encourage Brushing Teeth!

Dental Offices the Love Sugar Bugz book!

Dr Roos Office

"Stacy Piper does a brilliant job delivering the message of good oral health.  Through her fun use of words, she brings forth the importance of taking care of our teeth and the consequences of neglect.  With vivid illustrations, this book effectively shows children the link between cavities and poor dietary habits.  Combining this link with the importance of brushing and flossing, along with regular visits to the dentist, this book is an excellent resource for all parents wishing to teach their children the value of good oral hygiene."

"It's easy to order this children's book about brushing teeth. is an easy website to use!"

-Erik H. Roos, DDS

Diplomat, American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry



"Your child will love to brush His/Her teeth because of this beautifully and engaging book.  Sugar Bugz Book is an excellent way for the beginner to become engaged with tooth brushing.  Very creative!"
-Ingrid Basler

We just got this book for the kids. They absolutely love it, understand it, get motivated to brush their teeth well, and get so excited to pick out a sticker (which the books comes with stickers!!!). They talk to each other about sugar bugs on their teeth and needing to brush them off.

Their Dentist LOVED the Sugar Bugz book."  

 – Kim Lee

Kim Kids 2

"Super cute book, AND very educational!!!   Must have!!!!”

Kim Kids
In the Bathroom brushing and putting stickers on the calendar!

In the Bathroom brushing and putting stickers on the calendar!



Amazon Testimonials

"My children love this book! Sometimes convincing little boys to willingly brush their teeth is near impossible, but not after this book! When we first read the book, they were hooked, asking for it every night. Checking for sugar bugz is now part of our daily toothbrush routine. : ) The illustrations are super cute and just yucky enough to convince little ones that they don't want them in their mouth. I'm pretty sure that this book is the reason my kids were finally willing to try apples, too! A++ book One of my favorites to gift to my kids' friends. Worth every penny!"

J Sorrells


"This book is so cute! The story is fun and the illustrations are great. This s a great book to subtly teach children about dental
health. I highly recommend this book fir anyone who has kids!"

Suzanne Dalessio


"Don't tell the kids, but "Sugar Bugz" not only live on your teeth but also inside the pages of this book, and if they (your kids) read the book they just might get excited about brushing their teeth! Not only was this book entertaining, engaging, filled with a "what happens next?" story that kept my son's attention, but it also has lasting power. Months and months after reading this book my son refers back to the lessons he learned in it. Not only is he learning good brushing habits, he also has learned healthy eating habits too. (and he even tries to get me to eat healthier!) This is a book that is really delightful and the best I've read for helping little ones learn the why's AND how's of healthy living starting with your mouth!"

Jerry Proudlock


"Let's face it, getting kids to brush and floss their teeth can be quite a task! The Sugar Bugz book has been a blessing in our home. I initially started reading this to my kids a couple of years ago and now they read it to me. The story is super cute and the illustrations are as equally cute! The stickers are a great bonus! It will remain on our bookshelf for years to come!"

Amazon Customer