Sugar Bugz, They Live On Your Teeth Book

Children's Book to Encourage Brushing Teeth!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size and quality of the Sugar Bugz book?

The, "Sugar Bugz, They Live On Your Teeth",  book is a High quality, full color 81/2 x 11 hard-back Children's book.

The book has a full color book jacket and each book comes with a sheet of colorful stickers.

Is the Sugar Bugz book available on the Kindle?


It's Very Low Priced!  AND it's available for Kindle Unlimited (KU) and the Kindle Owners' Lending Library (KOLL).

Amazon Kindle Link-

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What are the Sugar Bugz stickers like?

Each Sugar Bugz book comes with a free 8.5"x6.5" sticker sheet. Each sheet has 63 colorful stickers. Each sticker is almost 3/4". 

We wanted to be sure there were enough stickers for a child to put a sticker on the calendar after brushing teeth in the morning and at night.

Why is the word 'Bugs' spelled wrong?

The Author, Stacy Piper, really wanted to make the book fun and she felt the idea of having the 'Z' on the end of the word bugs made it really fun to say! It's so fun to say "Bugzzzzzz" like a bug buzzing around!

Does the book really help educate kids about brushing teeth?

The biggest challenge is getting kids to brush long enough and to actually get their teeth clean. Stacy did research and interviewed Dentists to be sure and include the most important and effective dental practices.

The Forward to the book is written by a Pediatric Dentist.  Dentists, as well as Dental Hygienist, agree that the Sugar Bugz book helps families with dental hygiene.

The Sugar Bugz book is an Incredibly colorful book that makes a strong impression on children to really WANT to take care of their teeth.

The book is strategically laid out with the first portion of the book focusing on how the Sugar Bugz get in our mouths and the damage they can do. Then there is a transitional nutritional page leading to the remainder of the book that focuses on how to get the Sugar Bugz out.

Stacy believes in empowering kids to be in charge of getting the bugs out of their mouths. When she reads to the kids, she tells them that they CAN choose to keep their teeth clean. 

Time and time again, we keep hearing that the kids that read the book, "Sugar Bugz They Live On Your Teeth", run to the bathroom after reading the book. They WANT to brush the Sugar Bugz off!

Is the Author, Stacy Piper, available to read at schools and organizations?

Yes!  Stacy often reads for schools, special events and organizations. When Stacy reads to children she makes it an interactive learning experience. 

An example of efforts with County Organizations, Stacy has greatly enjoyed helping Butte County's 'First Five' in their training efforts with their outreach team. This has spilled over to Butte Counties 'Head Start' program and they are using the "Sugar Bugz, They Live On Your Teeth, book for their outreach program to serve the special children and families in the County.

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